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BioComplete Purity Rabbit (2 LB)


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Our Purity's are 100% USDA graded meat with no fillers or added carbs.

These are helpful in pets with Diabetes, Cancer, and other glycemic sensitive conditions. 

We start with raw meat that is real, healthy cuts, no meat meal or meat by-products.

All our meals are made with love, ready to be feed to your pet, real raw meat diets. 

Our raw food entrees replicate mother natures true recipes in real prey model formulations . They have been created from 70 years of combined experience in both veterinary medicine and animal nutrition. Nutritious, Healthy and Tasty for your dog or cat!

Product Info

Rabbit is a tasty protein source for any carnivore, wolf's catch and eat rabbits all the time. So this is a very well utilized meat. A must for any good rotation diet. Raw food for dogs or cats!


  • Whole Rabbit
  • Parsley

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